A new book by Dr. Steven Reiss

Dr.  Reiss has written another outstanding books dealing with dual diagnosis.  The book is entitled Human Needs and Intellectual Disabilities:  Applications for Person Centered Planning, Dual Diagnosis and Crisis Intervention.

Human Needs and Intellectual Disabilities identifies the 12 human needs most relevant to the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, autism and related developmental disabilities.  It includes detailed, practical suggestions for caregivers or parents interested in the happiness, quality of life, and self-determintion of their loved ones or consumers.  The book includes detailed, practical suggestions for reducing episodes of challenging behavior and psychiatric symptoms in people with a dual diagnosis (intellectual disabilities and mental illness).  It shows how to substitute the language of individuality (e.g., “friendly person”) for the language of disability (e.g., “person with disability”).  It also reduces the tendency of planners to confuse their own value system for that of the consumer.  The book includes scholarly reviews of dual diagnosis literature on mental illness, prevalence, and assessment.

For further information, please visit our web site, www.thenadd.org.


About thenaddblog
NADD is a non for profit membership organization designed to promote awareness of and resources for individuals who have an intellectual disability co-occurring with a mental health disorder.

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